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Virtual Reality Therapy (VRT)

Virtual Fisio have developed a unique treatment approach for temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders by using VR technology. Virtual reality is a complete immersion of the patient into a virtual world by putting on a headset with an LED screen in the lenses of the headset.


The video game FitJaw allows patients to truly immerse themselves in a digital jungle environment where patients need to eat fruit and vegetables for bonus points. Fitjaw stimulates patients to move their mouth and jaw, as well as their neck and body, to eat these virtual targets. It’s a fun way to do rehab exercises.


Patients will feel motivated to execute mouth and jaw-opening movements which will help them to cure their TMJ disorder. There are several difficulty settings where the fruit and vegetables are bigger and go faster. Difficulty level will be based on physiotherapy’s assessment and patient’s treatment status.

Benefits of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality therapy has many advantages. Distraction achieved through patients´ interaction, playing the video game, helps prevent patients from focusing their attention on the pain. This enables patients to execute mouth and jaw-opening movements in a painless way, and as a result, the patients improve their joint mobility faster compared to the traditional therapy.



Virtual Fisio successfully conducted patient cases using its VR video game FitJaw, achieving a remarkably high patient satisfaction. Based on the results of the completed patient cases, Virtual Fisio estimated that the timeline for a TMJ treatment could be shortened almost by half.In addition, another great advantage is that the VRT empower patients to continue their own treatment at home. 


They just need a standalone VR headset or a smartphone VR headset. Treatment at home with VR video game FitJaw does not require too much space and patients with other injury or disorder, may also follow the treatment in a seated position.



Whether you have a TMJ disorder or you are a healthcare professional interested in our product, please click here to contact us.  Watch this video to find out more about Virtual Fisio´s unique treatment approach for temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders.

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