Virtual Reality in Physiotherapy

Virtual Fisio have developed a unique treatment approach for temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders: VR video game called FitJaw, which stimulates patients to execute mouth and jaw-opening movements. A fun and painless way to do rehab exercises.

Discover a new way to treat TMJ problems

Virtual Fisio have launched FitJaw, a VR video game to treat patients with TMJ disorders. Unlike conventional therapy, distraction and fun achieved through the video game helps prevent patients from focusing their attention on the pain. Besides, based on the results of the completed patient cases, the timeline for a TMJ treatment could be shortened almost by half. Watch this video to find out more about Virtual Fisio. Our staff speak!

Why choose Virtual Fisio?

360º experience

Our VR video game allows patients to truly immerse themselves in a digital jungle environment.

Faster recovery

Virtual Reality therapy could shorten recovery times almost by half, according to our healthcare experts.

At home

Thanks to our app, you can comfortably perform your exercises at home even with a smartphone VR headset.

Hygienic Hardware

Virtual Reality glasses are easy to clean. This ensures high standards of hygiene for our patients and staff alike.

High patient satisfaction

Many of our patients with TMJ disorders have already tried our revolutionary therapy. They are all satisfied with the results they have achieved, highlighting the shorter recovery timeline vs the traditional TMJ therapy. Watch this testimonial video. Our patients speak!

It is easy to install the app on your smartphone

One of the great advantages of Virtual Fisio and its video game FitJaw is that patients are enabled to continue their own treatment at home. You just need to install our app on your mobile phone and have a VR headset for smartphones. It is so easy to continue your rehab exercises at home and improve your TMJ disorder free of pain and full of fun.


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